• Spring is here, and so are we!

    Let us help you beautify your home and garden with all the colors of the season.


    Add a touch of the tropics to your Tennesee spring


    Find the perfect basket to give your porch a pop! Don't forget these make great gifts for mom on Mother's day. 


    Hard to kill, easy to love


    Shake off a long winter by getting your green space in action. We have all you need to fill your home and garden with the colors of spring.


    Whether your looking to spring up your yard, patio, porch, deck, or home - we got what you need.  Come check out our wide variety of flowers, ferns, palms, accents, and succulents. 

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    Petunias, Gardinas, Geraniums, Begonias, Hydrangeas, Vincas, Impatients, Hibiscus, Madevilla, Latania, Verbania, and much, much more. Also flowering trees and trellises. 

    From all shapes, sizes and colors. Annuals and perennials. Shade and sun loving - your sure to find something to fit your green space. 


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    Ivy, Coleus, Caladiums, Vines, Spikes, just to name a few.

    Liven up your containers and planters with attractive accents that add pop anywhere you plant them. Don't be fooled into thinking flowers are the only plants with beautiful colors and shapes. In fact, flowers love the company of these easy to care for plants. 


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    Jade, Hen and Chicks, Stone Crop, Flat Jacks, Agave, Echeveria, Senecio and more!

    These desert borne plants are much more than your run of the mill cacti. Their popularity has boomed for 2 simple reasons: they're nearly indestructible, perfect for people who have brown thumbs, and they are fascinatingly beautiful. Come check out large selection that include different sizes of mixed bowls, jars, singles, or grab tiny one for you work desk. Also makes a great, low maintenance gift for a loved one who might not be confident in their gardening skills.


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    Robellini, Majesty, Banana, Chinese Fan, Spindle, Elephant Ear

    Add a touch of the caribbean to your home or garden. These tropical plants make a great classy addition to your porch or patio and can be brought indoors to make wonderful houseplants. 


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    Boston, Kimberly Queen, Macho, Foxtail, Asparagus,  Japanese, Alligator just to name a few

    The classic choice for adding green to any space. From sun tolerant to shade loving, ground cover to hanging baskets - we're sure you'll find just the right fern for the job. 


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    Herbs and Vegetables 

    Tomatoes, Peppers, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Cilantro, Parsley 

    No summer garden is complete without some edible greenery. Everything from salsas, sauces, cocktails, and teas taste better with what you grew yourself. 



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    Need ideas, help, a dose of inspiration? Our friend and garden extraordinaire, Faye Green, has something to share.


    Flower Basket is a seasonal plant retailer created by Jim McLeod, the longtime owner/operator of Santa’s Trees Christmas tree lots throughout Nashville area. With a whole bunch of coaching from his longtime friend, Jim Sovine, who operates a Spring Plant sale at White Bridge Road, the Flower Basket is managed by a strong knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.


    Open for six weeks in April and May, Flower Basket offers a rainbow array of brilliant botanicals to beautify your front porch, a backyard patio, in-ground beds, or your own personal containers. Specializing in pre-made hanging baskets of mixed- and single-variety flowers, we also offer a stunning selection of flowering annuals and perennials, tropical plants, and edibles — for do-it-yourself beginners, avid gardeners, and for busy working folks who don’t own a trowel.


    Class up your porch, patio, or balcony with maximum speed and minimum effort, with a gorgeous flower basket that’s ready to go. Or if you love to dig in, mix-and-match a few lovelies to create your own breathtaking garden borders and cool containers. We’ll happily answer questions about simple garden design, summer plant care, and creative container gardens.

    Better yet, bring in your own empty pots and baskets — we’ll help you customize them, with our favorites or yours.

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